Deep Photo Tour

Deep Photo Tour in Kyoto

 For those who came to Kyoto for sightseeing!

I’ll guide you famous places or some deep places in Kyoto, and if you like taking pictures 

I can teach you how to take pictures like how to compose, 

how to choose your shutter speed and apertures.

You can freely choose where you want to go and where to meet,

or I can recommend you some places.

Usually I discuss with my customers to make the plan and hear 

what kind of places they want to gobefore there trip in Kyoto,

 so feel free to text me and call me in Instagram!






料金  Fee ;

For night time

 1 person : 5700yen / 60min

From 2 people: 7700yen / 60min

For day time (not available in high season)

 1 person : 7700yen / 60min

From 2 people: 9700yen / 60min

Tripod rental : 1000yen

 • Transportation fee of 1,000 yen will be charged. If the distance is more than 5km from Demachiyanagi Station, another 1000 yen will be added. (Additional cost is not required in Gion, Kiyomizu and Higashiyama areas)

 • Any additional fees (ie. Admission fee into temples/attractions) must be covered by client.

 • This service is available from one hour.

 • Tripod is with the Gitzo gh1382tqd ball head.

 • Please note that I do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss caused through the service.

 • 別途交通費1000円いただきます。出町柳駅から5km以上距離の場合別途交通費追加で1000円お願いしています。 (祇園や清水、東山地域などは追加費用不要)

 • 拝観料等が別途かかる場合は撮影者の分も負担していただきます。 

 • 三脚は雲台Gitzo gh1382tqd がついたものです。

 • 撮影時や三脚使用時のご自身の機材トラブルに関しては責任を負いかねますのでご了承ください.